Globalisation and technological communication tools require ongoing adaptation of commercial agents to their constantly changing function and making use of available educational opportunities in order to be well equipped for reaching the highest level of performance.

MM GLOBAL is a leading business company for Trade Mediation and Distribution in Europe. Our know-how for sales representatives ranges from advocacy and legal advice to litigation cost financing and representation mediation, as well as purchasing advantages and offers for exchanging experiences. Today’s MM GLOBAL representing a worldwide network of commercial agencies, Independent Commercial Agents, brokers and independent sales companies.


MM GLOBAL has a Europe wide Alliance of National commercial agents, manufacturers’ representatives, brokers as well as independent sales companies. With more than 8 years of experience along with deep knowhow around the topic of sales, MM GLOBAL successfully represents as a strong partner the career and economic interests at an international level.


With a view to representing, protecting and promoting the common interests of commercial agents worldwide, MM GLOBAL cooperates with trade and lobbying organisations. In line with its mission to be the voice for the commercial agency profession worldwide, close relations exist between MM GLOBAL and both national and international trade organisations, manufacturers organisations, Chambers of Commerce and lobbying organizations.


MM GLOBAL’s mission for the future years is to voice the interests of the commercial agency profession worldwide towards Governmental and non-Governmental Institutions, trade associations and manufacturers associations and to advocate the commercial agency profession and the benefits attached to working with commercial agents.

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