Globalisation and technological communication tools require ongoing adaptation of commercial agents to their constantly changing function and making use of available educational opportunities in order to be well equipped for reaching the highest level of performance. Complex commercial agent law issues require expert knowledge and practical experience in different areas.



We offer you our highly experienced team who individually also act as legal advisors are focusing on main issues as Marketing, Communication, Manufacturer Lobby, Political Lobby, Internet Platform, Advisory and Training. We check their expertise to optimize the strategy and to strength them for the future challenges. MM GLOBAL offers comprehensive legal advice and assistance. Legal advice is the support of commercial agents and independent sales companies in order to meet their objectives. Statistics and tables are vital for recognizing the developments in the fields of business, markets of commercial agents and independent sales companies. Therefore we offers both national and international statistics and tables updated on a yearly basis, which illustrate the developments in figures and percentages. With different analysis and trends, MM GLOBAL provides materials to competently support their corporate decisions.


With a view to representing, protecting and promoting the common interests of commercial agents worldwide, MM GLOBAL cooperates with trade and lobbying organisations. In line with mission to be the voice for the commercial agency profession worldwide, close relations exist between MM GLOBAL and both national and international trade organisations, manufacturers organisations, Chambers of Commerce and lobbying organizations.



MM GLOBAL mission for the future years is to voice the interests of the commercial agency profession worldwide towards Governmental and non-Governmental Institutions, trade associations, manufacturers associations and to advocate the commercial agency profession and the benefits attached to working with commercial agents.